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A synthetic high performance engine oil, specially developed for up-to-date Renault and Nissan petrol and diesel engines with particulate filter
The low SAPS-technolgy protects the environment as well as the particulate filter because of the low content of sulphated ash, phosphor and sulphur
Offers the highest quality base oil maximum environmental protection and minimised, oil-related emissions
The low SAPS-formulation guarantees the least burden on the particulate filter
The latest additive technology ensures maximum engine cleanliness, reduced friction of the moving parts, and long life of the engine
The oil minimises wear by rapid oil circulation, especially in the warm-up phase of the engine, allowing maximum loads and providing exceptionally high safety reserves
As a result of the extremely low SAPS content use in some engines may not be suitable - please refer to the doubts in the vehicle manual
Meets requirements: ACEA C4, MB 229.51